Sudeep Pagedar

How do you
explain that term
to a ten-
year old boy
who, one day,
hears it mentioned
by some relatives?

And even if
you do manage
to make him
understand what it
actually does mean,
do you also
tell him that
because he is


perhaps, some day,
he might be
included in it...?

Or should he
just not be
told, so that
he remains calm
and doesn't lose
sleep over it?

But what is sleep,
in front of death?
Perhaps Death is greater,
perhaps the two are the same;
we do not know yet
but we'll know, by the end of the day;
the Chambers are yet some hours away.

"To die, to sleep...to sleep, perchance to dream..."

How did Shakespeare realise that?
Did he know some Jew
who was persecuted too?
Perhaps he was wrong,
maybe he was right...
Anyway, I suspect we'll find out
by tonight.

Untold Lies
by Brittany Knoll 1999

The train has come to a stop.
I smile. My throat is very dry.
Oh, how long the trip had been!
When will they give us our water?

I stepped off the train.
A mist encircled my body.
The mist told me of many things to come.
What was to happen next?

I stood before the officer.
His blue eyes flashed with a fierce will.
He told me to go to the left.
Is this the right direction?

The mist came back.
It let me see, hear, and feel the pain of others.
I know understood.
How many children will cry in the night, before one can see?

I was promised a shower.
I could feel the icy fingers of death waiting to seize me.
Take my life, take it. I am not afraid.
How many times can the fires burn before one can hear?

I stripped off my clothes.
They don't belong to me anymore.
Take my clothes, I am as strong as ever.
How much blood can fall to the soil, before one can feel?

Do not worry.
It is almost over now.
My soul will live forever in peace.
When will they realize that?

Tale of a Sprinter, in the Winter of 1938
by Sudeep Pagedar


I am an athlete from Berlin,
my feet are fast and swift.
I can run faster than anyone!
Truly, this is the Lord's gift!

Any race I participate in,
I always come in first,
for I tell myself, "I HAVE to win";
it is like a great thirst.

Even if someone, somehow passes me,
I put on an extra burst of speed
and run past him, leaving him behind;
thus, I take the lead.

I once thought, "If I keep running this way,
I might be in the Olympics, some day..."


But now the year is nineteen-thirty-eight
And for my dreams, it's just too late.

My running days are all gone,
I'm not going to see tomorrow's dawn.

Yes, it is true
that I can run very fast;
But it is also true
that I am a Jew...
There's no running, from the Holocaust.